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Intel Mulls Netbook Strategy Rejig As Tablet Market Increases

Intel has been forced to rethink its netbooks strategy as the demand for tablet PC devices rises along with large-screened laptops.

The company had tasted early success in the netbook market as consumer demand was leaning towards low-cost devices.

However, now, according to Greg Welch, segment director for mobile client platforms at Intel, consumers are now looking for devices that offer better performance and come with better feature. They are no longer inclined to buy devices that are low-priced and low on power, PC World reports.

“There was some disappointment on some of the experience side, it maybe didn't keep up with the pace of innovation. Now we're trying to reinvigorate that. We're trying to go in and integrate more technologies and we'll see... if it has a role to fill in the market place between an ultrabook on one hand and pure tablet experience on the other,” Welch said.

The company offers its Atom processors for netbook, but that market is slowing down along with the entire personal computer market. Intel is now offering its Atom line for tablets and Smartphones, a market that is dominated entirely by ARM.

“We are working with some players to validate our chips to tablets and smartphones,” said Carlos Kokron, Intel’s Latin America’s director of carriers business, in an interview with RCR Wireless News.