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Latest Hacking Allegations Are ‘Irresponsible’ Claims Chinese Newspaper

The Chinese state media condemned on Friday the reports of Chinese state-forces being behind what was termed as the largest series of cyber attack in the history by the US based security software provider McAfee.

McAfee disclosed a few days back that it had discovered the biggest ever cyber attack involving 72 different attacks on a number of world government, the UN, many high-profile companies and other organisations.

McAfee officially did not disclose the details of the perpetrators though, and only referred to some “state actors” being behind the attacks. However, one of the McAfee security experts, who was briefed on the security breaches, stated that the initial evidences were pin pointing towards China.

The People’s Daily, also known to many as the mouthpiece of the Communist Party, thrashed the report saying that the claims made by McAfee “holds no water”.

“It is irresponsible to link China to Internet hackers,” the newspaper added, in China’s first response to the claims, according to this Dawn report.

The Chinese government has been accused by many world governments including those in the US, India, Canada, Vietnam, just to name a few, of violating their cyberspace with malicious motives- a charge China has always declined with a rather aggressive manner.