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Maroon 5 singer sues over Band Hero game

Front-man of popular beat combo Maroon 5, Adam Levine is suing Activision over the use of his avatar in the game Band Hero.

According to a Reuters report, Levine is upset because because he wasn't paid as much as other pop stars involved in the popular singing game, and because they've made him sound like a big girl.

The row started when Activision added a new unlock feature to the game which allowed motion captured avatars of artists to be seen singing other people's songs which "would not have been chosen by him for recordings or performances," including those by female artists.

Activision is alledged to have approached other artists for permission to use their avatars beyond the bounds of the original contract, but did not approach Levine.

It's not the first time Activision has found itself on the wrong end of a law suit over the Guitar Hero spin-off. Gwen Stefani's lawyers said she had been turned into a 'virtual karaoke singer' whilst Courtney Love threatened to sue after the same thing happened to her dead husband Kurt Cobain's likeness in the Guitar Hero 5 game in 2009.