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Minecraft game hits three million sales milestone

Proving that you don't need to have a billion-dollar budget and movie tie-ins to make a mint in the video games market, indie block-building blockbuster Minecraft has just sold its three-millionth copy.

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Personn, who heads up tiny Swedish developer Mojang, tweeted about the game's latest milestone a short while ago.

The seemingly simple, yet deceptively complex game, which sees players mining resources and building structures from blocks of various materials, now has 11 million registered users, three million of whom liked the game's free demo enough to stump up cash for what is still a beta version.

The game's popularity has stemmed entirely from word of mouth and viral marketing and is thought to have generated $35 million in PayPal payments for its creators.

You can check out the free version or get the beta for €14.95 here.