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Musician's Union wants cash for format shifting

The Musicians' Union has responded to a recent UK governement announcement that 'format shifting' of digital music will be made legal, by holding its hand out for more cash.

The proposal, which is based on recommendations made by the Hargreaves Report, would allow UK music fans to legally make digital copies of CDs they have already purchased for the first time, whether that be as a back-up disk or for use on a digital music player.

MU General Secretary John Smith said, “We are not opposed to the introduction of an exception for format shifting, as long as a system of fair compensation for rights holders is brought in alongside it. This would bring the UK in line with most other European countries, where such levy systems already exist.

“The device manufacturers readily pay for patents and the like on each device sold and yet the act of copying onto these devices the very content that the consumer is most concerned with – music - is not currently generating any income for the creative individuals who compose and perform and entertain the public.”

It's just another example of anachronistic organisations out of tune with the digital world trying to cling to a status quo which became outdated the moment digital music was invented.

Why should we pay twice for music we have already purchased? By the MU's reasoning, you should have to pay again each time you move your compact disk from your living room stereo to your car.