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New Intel Science And Technology Centers For Cloud & Embedded Computing

Chip maker Intel is investing $30 million to open two new Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC), which will be hosted at Carnegie Mellon University.

The two centers, which will be focused on cloud computing and embedded technology, will receive the $30 million in funding over the course of five years and are a part of Intel’s $100 million programme to enhance university research.

Unlike the previous ISTCs, the two new ISTCs will fuel research in advancing cloud computing technology and bringing computing capabilities to everyday devices.

“These new ISTCs are expected to open amazing possibilities,” said Justin Rattner, Intel Chief Technology Officer.

“Imagine, for example, future cars equipped with embedded sensors and microprocessors to constantly collect and analyze traffic and weather data. That information could be shared and analyzed in the cloud so that drivers could be provided with suggestions for quicker and safer routes,” he added.

The company plans to work with leading university thinkers and researchers to develop breakthrough technology which will be used in the future.

The research on cloud computing will be focused on widening the use of technology for built-in applications and big data analysis. The research in embedded technology, it is hoped, will help transform the home, car and retail environment with revolutionary products.