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Rackspace Critical Sites Launched in Europe

Rackspace Hosting has announced the launch of its Critical Sites service for European businesses.

The service, which is targeted at enterprise users, has been designed for businesses whose online presence is of critical importance to them. Critical Sites offers web hosting services, consumer facing applications and other web services to businesses.

The company says that Critical Sites has been designed to provide support for mission critical websites and applications for businesses.

Rackspace, which launched the service in the United States back in October, said the service comes with a set of powerful performance management tools, which are designed to enhance the performance of an application and its availability.

"We are witnessing a revolution in how businesses choose to buy and consume IT. Where in the past, organisations ran their own entire IT operation; increasingly they are choosing to buy IT as a service from firms like Rackspace," said Rackspace senior vice president David Kelly in a press release.

"Today, customers like Mazda and Hawaiian Airlines are asking us to help with their most critical IT infrastructures - including those sites and applications that they have traditionally regarded as too precious to outsource. To address that need, we have created our Critical Sites service offering mission-critical, enterprise-grade hosting." he added.