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Shagbook takes on Facebook over trade mark

UK swinger site Shagbook is taking on the might of social notworking giant Facebook in a trade mark dispute.

The Zuckerbeg empire is well known for going after any outfit which has the audacity to use the word 'book' in its name having already filed suit against and the slightly less innoccuous

Shagbook, which allows consenting adults to carry out location-based searches for other people looking for a bit of no-strings-attached (unless you're into that sort of thing) rumpy-pumpy action, has accused Facebook of 'trademark bullying' and says it has been abusively using "oppositions, litigation, and threats of the same to maintain a competitive market advantage," according to a US Patent Office Filing unearthed by Paid Content.

The filing goes into the history of the term 'facebook' suggesting that the fact it has been used for decades to describe publications created by colleges and fraternities makes it generic.

The founder of Shagbook also pointed out that the site was originally created in 2006, long before Facebook became popular.

Rather than bowing to pressure from Facebook's legal goons, Shagbook is trying to have the social site's trade mark revoked.