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Sony Crowned ‘Epic Fail’ at Pwnie Awards

Hackers’ hot favourite victim Sony Corp. has won an award at the Black Hat conference held in Las Vegas this week. However, much to the embarrassment of the company, the award it nailed was in the category of the “Epic Fail” of the year.

The Pwnie award, which is kind of close being an Oscar equivalent in the hackers-community, awarded this ‘honour’ to Sony following the series of hack attacks it was subjected to a few months back, which saw the company’s PlayStation and PC Gaming Networks, as well as many other services suffering heavily through the hands of cyber criminals.

Sony, according to many, truly deserves the award for it was humiliated again and again by hackers, primarily by the hackitivist group Anonymous, and the infamous LulzSec. Remarkably, the onslaught on the company’s cyber infrastructure continued for over almost two months

“Even though the Sony hack was terrible, the "silver lining" is that it got people thinking about computer security, said Dino Dai Zovi, one of the judges,” said Dino Dai Zovi, one of the judges, as cited by CNN.

The reasons for awarding ‘Epic Fail’ to Sony were many including jailbreak of PS3, PlayStation Network hack, Repeated hacks by LulzSec etc.

The full list of Pwnie award winners can be accessed here.