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Spam King Surrenders, Indicted for Facebook Spam & Hacking

Spam King - the infamous spammer has reportedly surrendered to the Federal Investigation Agency, US after he was accused of flooding Facebook users’ inboxes with uncalled for messages and breaching into near about 500,000 accounts.

Sanford Wallace, the alleged perpetrator, more famously known in the internet community as the Spamford Wallace, David Frederix, or simply Spam King, was taken in custody from Las Vegas on Thursday.

The charges against the spammer include penetrating into 500,000 accounts in order to expand friend lists from November 2008 and March 2009. Apparently, he also allegedly exploited the hacked accounts for making some 27 million postings on user profiles that appeared to have come from friends.

“To accomplish his scheme, Wallace first tested his spamming capabilities between two Facebook accounts,” according to the indictment, the Telegraph reports.

“[He] used a fake Facebook account of ‘David Frederix’ and his legitimate ‘Sanford Masterwb Wallace’ account to test variations of spam messages in order to evade Facebook’s filtering mechanisms,” it added.

The “Spam King” is now indicted on some serious charges, including the likes of fraud, criminal contempt, as well as intentional damages caused to protected computers.