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Hi-Tech Gloves Enable Super-Sensitive Touch

A group of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have come up with a new pair of gloves, equipped with specially designed fingertips, which enhance the wearer’s touch-sense.

The glove has been based on previous research which established that by adding a bit of white noise, significant improvements can be attained to one’s hearing, balance control, sight as well as touch. The concept is known as stochastic resonance in the scientific community. However, this is the first instance of stochastic resonance being utilised in a wearable gadget.

"This device may one day be used to assist individuals whose jobs require high-precision manual dexterity or those with medical conditions that reduce their sense of touch," Jun Ueda, an assistant professor at Georgia Tech said, TG Daily reports.

According to the researchers, the glove is made out of a stack of lead zirconate titanate layers, capable of generating high frequency vibrations. Also, the ceramic layers were made piezo electric, thus producing an electrical charge every time a mechanical force is applied to them.

The researchers just attached the actuator to the side of the fingertip, allowing the wearer to continue to manipulate objects.