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US DARPA Liaising with Hackers to Strengthen National Cyber Fortifications

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a new program that will fund hackers to strengthen the country’s cyber defences.

Speaking during the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Peiter Zatko, a former hacker who now works for the government, said that the Cyber Fast Track program was aimed at delivering the funds needed by hackers to fend off cyber-attacks on government infrastructure.

Many believe that the government has failed time and time again to fund hackers on time so they are able to set-up defences against a cyber-attack.

Zatko said that the program is aimed at bridging the gap between the government and the hacker community. Hackers are experts who hack into a system only to improve its security.

“It's time to start funding hacker spaces, labs, and boutique security companies to make it easier to compete with large government contractors,” Zatko said.

“The way government is set up, it's almost impossible for the small businesses, the researchers, the hackers, to get money for research without giving up intellectual property or being purchased and having their company gutted,” he continued.

Some of the areas that the government is most interested in is reducing the impact of cyber-attacks and even scan bugs in critical military systems.