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Apple Files for Inductive Charging Patent. Earphones to Charge iPhones?

Apple has filed a patent for technology that could allow future iOS devices to be charged by their earphones.

Patently Apple, a blog dedicated towards unearthing patents related to Apple, discovered two Apple patents related to ‘Inductive Charging System’.

An inductive charging system uses electronic magnetic energy to charge batteries, without the need of any wire or cord.

The first Apple patent involves wrapping the earphone cord, which is attached to the iOS device, around an inductive tower. The patent diagram shows that one earphone is placed on the surface of the device. The earphone will contain an inductive material that will charge the device.

Apple claims that the technique will help people save space in the device that is being charged.

The other patent, which is far cooler than the first one, does not involve any inductive tower or wire at all. Apple explains in the patent that the earphones will be designed to detect low frequency sounds that are not heard by humans.

Sensors placed in the earphone will vibrate due to the sound, producing electricity that will charge the iOS device. This particular technique is called “acoustic charging”.

Many believe that filing for a patent doesn't indicate that products supporting the technology will be available soon enough. Gizmodo on the other hand comments that the idea is just 'ridiculous'.