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Google’s Real-Time Search Feature Resurrected Through Google+

Search engine giant Google is planning to bring back its Real-Time search feature, which was temporarily discontinued a while back.

Google offered Real-Time search which came with live stream from micro-blogging platform Twitter. Google Search turned into a source of live Twitter messages whenever some world event used to take place.

When Twitter’s deal with Google to provide it with the data came to an end, the two companies were not able to renew it due to certain differences and Google was forced to discontinue the service.

“The value the product was providing was not enough,” Google Fellow Amit Singhal said during a search panel meet, Mashable, reports.

The company is ‘actively working’ on bringing the Real-Time search feature back, Singhal said, adding that the engineers were trying to integrate data from Google+ and other sources with the Real-Time search feature. Singhal did not elaborate what the ‘other sources’ were.

He also confirmed that Google+ stream will soon be getting its own search engine, a core feature which has remained absent from the platform, which now has more than 25 million users and is expected to surpass Twitter and Linked In in terms of user base within a year.