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IBM Antitrust Burden Eased, Three Firms Retract Suits

Three companies have dropped the anti-trust complaints they had filed with the European Commission against IT giant IBM.

The Big Blue said in a regulatory filing that T3 Technologies and Neon Enterprise Software have agreed to drop their individual complaints against the company. The third, TurboHercules, has already withdrawn its complaint.

“We can confirm that, for business reasons, TurboHercules is no longer pursuing its EC complaint. We are using the summer period to explore new business opportunities,” a spokesperson for TurboHercules told The Register.

The three companies make mainframe hardware and software that is compatible with IBM systems.

Neon and T3, apart from dropping the European Commission complaints, have also agreed to withdraw the anti-trust lawsuits they had filed against IBM in the United States.

However, according to an article on Bloomberg, the European Commission is yet to confirm whether it will be dropping its probe into IBM now that the complaints have been withdrawn.

The EC usually stops investigating a company after the complaints against it are withdrawn. IBM was being investigated for associating the sale of its mainframe hardware with its software and off engaging in anti-trust activities against companies that provide service for its systems.