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Pottermore Fans Getting Duped by Scammers

Scammers have started targeting Harry Potter fans craving for an early access to the Pottermore website, which is currently in limited beta testing.

Pottermore, unveiled by author J.K Rowling, is an interactive website which will offer access to digital versions of the highly popular Harry Potter books along with some new content for fans that Rowling has written.

The website had started a competition to grant early access to 1 million fans, before launching for the general public in October. Scammers seem to sense that people might be scrambling to get access to the website.

According to security software maker GFI Labs, bogus offers have come up on eBay that claim to be offering account details of a Pottermore account. The accounts are being offered for $60 to $100 and there is no guarantee that they are genuine.

Also, videos have sprung up on YouTube claiming to offer a Pottermore beta access download. Users who fall for this trick are asked to fill a survey before they can download the beta access. Scammers make a commission from each survey that is filled. The download which users receive after filling the survey turns out to be nothing or is a malware laden file.

The official Pottermore blog warns against buying such accounts online and says "We have the right to terminate any Pottermore accounts that are sold online."