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AMNews: First Website Now 20 Years Old, DARPA Consulting with Hackers, Scammers Targeting Pottermore Fans

6th August marked the completion of 20 years of the first website ever created. A team of CERN engineers led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee worked to provide what was the first tangible example of the potential of the World Wide Web. While no original copy of the website remains, an updated version can be found here while the first web page address (or URL as it was later to be called) was

A new program has been launced by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that will fund hackers to strengthen the country’s cyber defences. Peiter Zatko who is a former hacker now working for the government, while speaking at the Black Hat Security Conferece, said that the Cyber Fast Track program was aimed at delivering the funds needed by hackers to fend off cyber-attacks on government infrastructure.

Google is mulling over bringing back its Real-Time search feature, which was temporarily discontinued a while back. Google offered Real-Time search which came with live stream from micro-blogging platform Twitter. Google Search turned into a source of live Twitter messages whenever some world event used to take place.

Scammers have started targeting Harry Potter fans craving for an early access to the Pottermore website, which is currently in limited beta testing. Pottermore, unveiled by author J.K Rowling, is an interactive website which will offer access to digital versions of the highly popular Harry Potter books along with some new content for fans that Rowling has written.

Three companies have dropped the anti-trust complaints they had filed with the European Commission against IT giant IBM. The Big Blue said in a regulatory filing that T3 Technologies and Neon Enterprise Software have agreed to drop their individual complaints against the company. The third, TurboHercules, has already withdrawn its complaint.