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Android Dominates Most US States, Ahead Of Apple iOS

A newly released mobile platforms report has revealed that Android dominates the majority of US states when compared to arch-rival Apple's iOS.

Mobile advertising firm Jumptap analysed data from more than 83 million customers to reveal that Google’s Android smartphone operating system had loyal users in the Southern and South-West states of the US, while the North-East and Midwest states were iOS patriots.

The report, which also included a map showing the OS dominating each US State, revealed that a total of eight states are standing by Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform.

The company also revealed that Hawaii is loyal towards iOS while Alaska has a large share of both iOS and Android fans. The two US states don’t feature in the map provided by the company.

The figures released by the company reveal that Android is the leading smartphone platform with a market share of 38 per cent followed by Apple’s iOS platform which has a 33 per cent market share. BlackBerry OS trails behind the two with a market share of 22 per cent.

“The top three mobile operating systems control over 90% of the market, making it increasingly difficult for competing platforms to gain traction,” the company said in the report.

“The smartphone market remains a highly competitive and volatile one, where each percentage of market share is hard-earned,” it added.