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Apple outs sub-$1000 iMac for education

Apple has always been keen to punt educational discounts and special offers for students in an effort to hook 'em while they're young, but the company's latest move goes one step further.

According to Mac Rumours, the Mac maker has abandoned its usual policy of never making anything down to a price by launching an 'education only' version of the iMac which has had its specification cut to get it below the magic $1,000 mark.

Although Apple hasn't officially revealed the specs of the 21-5-inch model, and the $999 offer which appeared this morning seems to have been removed, the report says that it will come with a 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 Dual-Core processor, AMD Radeon HD 6750 graphics with 512MB of memory, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB Hard Drive, a 'Superdrive', OSX Lion, and all the iLife stuff you get with any new Mac.

Apple has offered Macs with custom specifications to large organisations making massive orders in the past but we reckon this is the first time the company has offered the same to individual students and educational institutions.

A similar offer on the UK Mac Store, offering an unidentified iMac model for £880, would seem to verify the report. Links from the offer are, as yet, unresolved. The cheapest iMac for non-educational punters weighs in at £999.