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Apple And World's Largest Carrier Seal iPhone 5 Deal?

China Mobile and tech giant Apple have reportedly struck up an agreement, whereby the largest Chinese carrier will be selling the iPhone by the end of October, according to reports out of China based on a company filing.

China Mobile, with 611 million wireless subscribers accounting for 68 per cent of the total Chinese wireless market, is almost six times larger than the largest US wireless carrier Verizon, making it the largest in the world by a distance.

So far, only China Unicom has been selling the iPhone in China, but recent reports suggest that by the end of October, China Telecom could be selling the expected iPhone 5 and possibly a "simplified iPhone 4".

Reactions to the new revelations have rapidly emerged. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky said on Friday that a China Mobile agreement could boost Apple's shipments by 2 to 3 million units before the end of 2011.

If the simplified iPhone 4 version does come to the market as suggested, then it would be the first time Apple has launched more than one new model within a 'model year'.

Obviously all the big fuss is around Apple's expected fifth generation iPhone, thought to be a largely redesigned, upgraded smartphone. The rumoured iPhone 5 is expected to come this autumn and will run the new iOS 5 platform which was released as a beta version to developers this weekend.