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BBC Introduces New iPlayer For TVs

The BBC has released a new version of its highly popular on-demand catch up service, the iPlayer, especially designed for televisions.

Prior to the arrival of this new version, a "big screen" iPlayer service was available on TVs via web browsers on the Wii and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.

In a blog post, the BBC said that it has worked with consumer electronics manufacturers to offer the iPlayer for more than 300 models of TV devices including set-top boxes, blu-ray disc players, media streaming devices and connected TVs.

The group said that the app was designed for the big screen and comes with a great user interface and control options, allowing users to navigate the service using the four direction keys and enter button found on most TV remote controls.

The new version of iPlayer for TV, which may not look anything like a website though it has been made using HTML 5 and JavaScript, is initially being made available on Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming console.

“You can tell, just by looking at it, that this is a TV product. We have returned to the BBC’s long TV design heritage to create a visually rich user interface that delivers a high impact from the sofa. Every piece of content and function can be easily reached using just the four direction and Enter keys found on any TV remote,” the BBC said.