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Details, Pictures Of Motorola's iPhone 5 Rival Appear Online

A few more pictures of the Motorola Droid Bionic have appeared online, together with what could be qualified as informed rumours ahead of the device's impending launch in September.

Firstly, according to AndroidCentral, it seems as though the future top of the range Motorola handset will be a 4.3-inch model, rather than coming equipped with the colossal 4.5-inch screen of the Samsung Hercules, while upping its screen resolution to 960x540 pixels.

The handset also appears to have a microSD slot but that isn't really a surprise. The smartphone is also likely to be a world phone as well as having 4G capabilities, according to its user manual.

The successor to the Atrix will not come with a fingerprint scanner or a slide-out QWERTY keyboard as with the Milestone, or a kickstand like the Motorola Photon.

The Droid Bionic will almost certainly feature a 1.2GHz dual core SoC, possibly from Nvidia or TI, 1GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, plus it will run on Android Gingerbread 2.3.

The price of the Motorola Atrix has been steadily falling to nearer to £400 over the last few weeks and the phone, which is already nearly nine months old, will definitely not be a model capable of holding its own against Apple's iPhone 5.