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Did Samsung Produce A New Version Of the Galaxy Tab 8.9?

We've unearthed what looks like visual evidence of a new model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet based on a video published by a tech news website called Tecca which had exclusive access to the latest iteration of the tablet.

Worryingly, the new version appears to be slightly thicker and larger than the one that was launched back in March 2011, making it just almost just as big as the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Check this video from Tecca which has managed to get a hands-on with the 8.9 and pay particular attention to the size of the bezel on the tablet.

Now check the same 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 that photographed by Anandtech back in March. Notice how thinner the bezel on the "old" Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is.

There's yet another significant evidence at the back of the tablet. The camera & flash of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 circa March 2011 is different from that from has been previewed by Tecca on the 5th of August. On the older one, the flash is below the camera lens while on the newer version, it is on the right of the camera lens.

There's only two possibilities; either Tecca got hold of an older preproduction version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Samsung swapped the thinner Tab 8.9 for a thicker one for an unknown reason.