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Facebook May Inflict Psychological Damage Claims Study

Social networking giant Facebook may be a handy platform for all those who want to keep in touch with their old buddies or distant family and loved ones, but when it comes to the school-going teenage population, Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual socialising set up could actually prove to be more damaging than being of any help - parents and teacher have argued it quite often, and now their nightmare has been confirmed by a recent study.

Larry Rosen, a prominent psychologist who has been keeping a close eye on the effects of technology on people for over two and half decades now, claimed in his report, dubbed “Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids”, that once a teen becomes addicted to Facebook, or for that matter any other similar social media site, there is a pretty high probability that the “addicted” kid will suffer from one or more psychological disorders such as antisocial behaviour, narcissism and other similar character flaws.

Rosen presented the report at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

His study comprised of an extensive computer based study involving “1,000 urban adolescents and his 15-minute observations of 300 teens in the act of studying,” according to a Mashable report.