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FBI Launches Its First Ever App, For Missing Children

The Federal Bureau of Investigation unveiled on Friday the agency’s first ever mobile application, an iPhone app designed to help parents find their missing children.

According to the agency, the Child ID app will enable parents to store characteristic information and photos of their children.

The concept behind the app is to provide parents a platform whereupon they can store all the information related to their children, and show them to security or police officers as soon as they realize their child is missing, something that could prove to be quite vital in saving precious time during such emergencies.

The app also comes with an integrated tab which parents can use to email the detailed information about their child to authorities. Not just that, it also features a set of what-to-do instructions under such circumstances.

For the time being the app is only available for the iPhone, but the FBI is planning to introduce it to other platforms including Google’s Android pretty soon.

"All data resides solely on your mobile device unless you need to send it to authorities," the FBI stated, explaining that they don’t collect or store any information stored by the users of the app, PC World reports.