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Google, Oracle Email Feud Continues

Search engine giant Google has been fighting hard to keep Oracle from using an internal email as evidence in its on-going legal battle over the use of Java in Android.

The email, which was already leaked to the public, suggests that Google was very much aware that it was infringing Java patents in Android.

Oracle and Google have both filed arguments in court, with Oracle arguing for making the email a part of the trial while Google claiming that email was ‘privileged communication’. Google claims that the email is protected by client-attorney privileges.

“What we've actually been asked to do (by Larry and Sergey) is to investigate what technical alternatives exist to Java for Android and Chrome. We've been over a bunch of these, and think they all suck. We conclude that we need to negotiate a license for Java under the terms we need,” read the email written by Tim Lindholm of Google.

The Android maker claims that the email was a draft saved on its systems and was about to be sent to Google’s attorney. However, Oracle has pointed out that Lindholm addressed the letter to Android head Andy Rubin and not the company’s lawyer.

Earlier, it was ruled by a judge that the email cannot be kept sealed as it was an incomplete draft and is not "protected by the attorney-client privilege."