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Google Self-Driving Car Crashes, With Human At The Wheel

Tech giant Google’s self driven cars have registered their first ever accident, but the company claims it was purely human error rather than any technical glitch that caused the slight hiccup to the company’s “robo-car campaign”.

According to a Business Insider report, a reader posted an image of a “Google car having rear ended another Prius.” Thankfully though, the accident was nothing especially serious for the car, or, more importantly, for the person driving it.

Google has responded to the matter quite promptly, and rightly so, after all this is the sort of instance that has the potential to provide a large setback, in terms of PR as well as technically, to the company’s long-term goals for their product.

"Safety is our top priority. One of our goals is to prevent fender-benders like this one, which occurred while a person was manually driving the car," a Google spokesperson explained immediately after the news made its way to the media, according to the BusinessInsider report.

However, the spokesperson, who was commenting on the basis of the car’s log analysed by Google, did not clarify what possible factors could have lead to the accident. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.