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Hacking Workshops For Kids At DefCon Convention

This year’s DefCon hacker convention has put on a series of sessions focused on teaching hacking tricks to children.

The DefCon conference, the longest running convention of its kind, organised the first ever ‘DefCon Kids village’ sessions in which hacking experts tutored budding hackers aged between 8 and 16 years.

According to an article from AFP, DefCon kids tutors, like Chris Hadnagy, believe that it is necessary to teach kids how they can safely and legally test their hacking skills in a world where they are surrounded by technology.

The sessions include teaching kids how to hack hardware, software and websites and also teach them how to pick locks and orchestrate social engineering attacks.

Even the US National Security Agency, which recruits talented hackers from the convention, has put on a cryptography exhibition for the children. A 10-year-old also discovered a new way to hack games running on tablets and smartphone devices.

“For DefCon it was a very weird experience. Kids were hugging their moms and hanging out with them. I am used to people walking around with Mohawk (haircuts) and boobs hanging out...I might have to go drink something,” Hadnagy said jokingly.

"Some of these kids have skills," Hadnagy added. "They are amazing."