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iOS 5 Beta Released for Developers, Features Speech Recognition

iPhone maker Apple unveiled the beta version of its forthcoming iOS 5 on Sunday. As of now, the update is only available for developers and it can be downloaded to iOS devices wirelessly, the company announced.

According to reports, the new version of the iOS operating system is likely to feature some brand new technologies such as speech to text conversion capability which will allow users to dictate voice-command to their iOS devices.

Apparently, what experts believe is that the beta version of the iOS 5 is clearly hinting towards Apple incorporating Nuance, a leading name in the voice recognition software in the market, to support the speech to text conversion feature.

The feature comes in the form of a microphone icon placed just next to the keyboard space bar. When clicked, a page with the icon appears instantly. The page then continues to stay up as long as the users keep on talking. Whenever there is a long-pause in talking, the screen automatically reverts back to the keyboard page, and the spoken words appear right inside the text box.

The iOS 5, which was first announced on the Worldwide Developers Conference on June, this year, also features iMessage - Apple’s answer to the BlackBerry Messenger.