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iPhone 5 Proximity Light Sensor Part Leaked Online

As the release of iPhone 5 is getting closer every day, there are more and more rumours and leaks on Apple's upcoming device; and now, a purported iPhone 5 proximity sensor part has emerged on an accessory importer's website,

The release of the fifth generation iPhone is expected this fall, but claims to have got their hands, in advance, on a genuine iPhone 5 proximity light sensor flex cable. To justify the authenticity of the alleged iPhone 5 part, the site claims that its offices are close to "the Apple factory", referring to Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn in Shenzhen, before adding, "we spend a lot of resources on research and intel."

The site also lists the pricing for the proximity sensor part, starting at $3.77 and lowering to $2.53 for more than 50 units ordered. Apparently the sensor part is designed to "stand the test of time and heat" and it balances functionality and cost through "dynamic light sensing diodes and high flow terminals".

There are subtle differences from the current generation iPhone's corresponding part, such as moving off the noise cancelling microphone from the flex cable, which suggests at least a partially redesigned iPhone 5.

Although the part cannot be certified as genuine, the leaked proximity sensor part does appear to be legitimate, according to Kyle Wiens of teardown specialist firm iFixit.