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iPhone 5 Speech Recognition Feature In iOS 5 Beta

Apple's iOS 5 operation system is on its way and over the weekend the iOS 5 beta was made available to developers for testing, unveiling certain features yet to be revealed. Apparently, the rumoured Speech Recognition Software is indeed contained within the platform.

The upcoming voice feature can be seen in iOS 5 beta images, as highlighted by 9to5mac. Next to the space bar on the iOS keyboard there is a microphone icon, which a user has simply to touch in order to open the speech recognition interface.

The voice recognition feature, a not very well kept secret, should be sported by the soon to come iPhone 5 as well as by the iPod touch, and probably for the iPad as well.

Nuance, the company apparently behind the iOS speech recognition feature is also behind the Dragon speech recognition line of software, and last year it sold Apple the Siri speech recognition capable application. It has been suggested that negotiations between Apple and Nuance regarding speech recognition integration are not yet finalised, which is why Apple has remained quiet about the feature.

Nuance officials hinted that some negotiations with Apple were ongoing, but refrained from saying anything specific. The rumoured speech recognition technology is visible in the iOS 5 beta although not yet functional, and if Nuance has managed to greatly improve the accuracy of the technology, which Android phones have had for some time, it will significantly enhance the iOS 5 platform.