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Nokia Siemens Reducing Workforce, Swindon Unit to Lose 150 Personnel

Nokia Siemens Network is planning to cut 1,500 jobs globally following its acquisition of a Motorola unit.

According to ZD Net, the company will be slashing 150 jobs from its Swindon premises as a part of its global job cut strategy.

“A consultation process with employees in Swindon began on July 25 with the aim of cutting 150 jobs by the end of June 2012,” an NSN spokesperson told ZD Net.

Most of the job cuts announced by the company are related to research and development. The manpower reduction comes after Nokia Siemens Network acquired Motorola’s networking business line for $1.2 billion.

Apart from the job cuts, the company also plans to move 1,200 employees to its LTE and WCDMA departments. NSN claimed that the reason behind the job cuts was that the acquisition had been delayed by a lawsuit filed by rival Huawei, which had resulted in a low demand for its products and services.

The job cuts were already public “in some places but not others,” Ben Hunt, a Nokia Siemens spokesman, said in a phone interview to Bloomberg.

The joint venture hasn't been profitable for most of the time since its inception and with the acquisition of Motorola business line, the cost factor definitely had to be balanced somewhere.

Meanwhile, worker unions blamed the law for making it easier for companies to cut jobs in the United Kingdom.