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Noon News: BlackBerry Torch 9860 Coming to Vodafone, Nokia N9 Launching on September 23rd, Nokia Siemens To Cut 1500 Jobs

Telecom giant Vodafone has updated its coming soon list with the newly announced RIM Blackberry Torch 9860 without providing any information about the exact release dates. The Blackberry Torch 9860 is powered by the long awaited Blackberry OS 7.

N9, the latest offering from the Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, could be on sale at your nearest store from September 23rd as per the latest reports. Nokia's official Swedish website has confirmed the reports by placing a countdown clock that shows the official launch date of this new MeeGo handset to be no later than 23rd of September.

Ahead of the long awaited launch of Motorola Droid Bionic, few more pictuers have appeared online. According to the reports, it seems as though the future top of the range Motorola handset will be a 4.3-inch model, rather than coming equipped with the colossal 4.5-inch screen of the Samsung Hercules, while upping its screen resolution to 960x540 pixels.

Minecraft has already sold three million copies - indeed quite an achievement for a game that is yet to be officially launched. Apparently, the whole Minecraft team is currently putting a lot of efforts in order to get the work done with the massively anticipated 1.8 “Adventure” update of the game. The 1.8 update reportedly features a quite terrifying new monster along with an entirely new combat system.

Nokia Siemens Network is planning to cut 1,500 jobs globally following its acquisition of a Motorola unit with 150 job cuts from Swindown based office. Most of the job cuts announced by the company are related to research and development. The manpower reduction comes after Nokia Siemens Network acquired Motorola’s networking business line for $1.2 billion.