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North Korea Training Hackers To Hack Online Games

New reports suggest that the North Korean government is encouraging its young hackers to penetrate into the arch enemy South Korea’s popular online gaming websites and find loopholes to collect points convertible to cash in abundance.

According to experts, the North Korean government has taken the initiative as a part of their desperate attempt to recover their gradually falling economy in whatever way possible.

It has been often covered by the media, especially those in the West, how the North Korean establishment has been spending a hefty amount in training an army of hackers and computer programmers despite its economic downfall.

The Seoul police department said on Thursday that a Korean Chinese, along with four South Koreans had been taken into custody for allegedly “drawing on that army to organize a hacking squad of 30 young video gaming experts,” according to this by The New York Times.

The police also claimed that the squad operated from Northern China, and that it had created software, designed to penetrate into the servers of massively popular online gaming site such as “Lineage” and “Dungeon and Fighter” etc.

North Korea on the other hand has denied these allegations and says that this is a conspiracy theory nurtured by South Korea.