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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Tablet: The Cost Issue

There are indications that one of the main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 might turn out to be a poor seller, is down to the rather confusing pricing strategy being implemented (or rather the lack thereof) by the Korean company.

This points to a potential product placement issue that Samsung will be facing; the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is still a popular product in the UK where its sub £300 price is attracting some significant interest (ed: so much so that it is the best selling Samsung tablet on Amazon).

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 starts from as little as £399 for the 16GB WiFi model (from DSGi) and comes with exactly the same hardware specs (bar the battery which is a 6000mAh model on the 8.9 compared to a 6800mAh on the 10.1 inch model).

Samsung initially listed the Galaxy Tab 8.9 for $469 and the 10.1 for $499 which means that the price difference between the two models at launch in the UK is likely to be ridiculously low.

It is therefore understandable to question how the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will perform against a discounted Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate and the newer Samsung Galaxy Tab model expected towards the end of the year with quad core SoCs as well as Ice Cream Sandwich OS.