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Will Samsung Ever Launch Galaxy Tab 8.9 in The UK?

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet hasn't been officially launched in the UK and a spokesperson for the company has already confirmed that it will be launched later this year, but we believe that the tablet might not even make it to the UK at all.

Firstly, there's the fact that the tablet will have to cost less than £400 to match its bigger brother, the Galaxy Tab 10.1; we're not convinced that the 125g difference between the two is going to sway users and convince them to adopt the "smaller screen is better" mantra.

Interestingly, Google adwords adverts for the tablet - that appear on Galaxy Tab 8.9 search engine result pages - are currently redirecting to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 rather than the 8.9; indeed there are no signs of the latter on Samsung's UK tablet page.

So, we're left with two distinct scenarios; either the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 launches in the UK **soon** and faces an uncertain future as retailers start to slash the price of the Tab 10.1 and the original Galaxy Tab, preparing for the future Galaxy Tab; or Samsung saves face and decides to cancel the launch of the 8.9 altogether to end any misfiring pricing strategy and possible confusion.

Some news just in: We've unearthed what looks like visual evidence of a new model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet based on a video published by a tech news website called Tecca, which had exclusive access to the latest iteration of the tablet.