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AMD To Concentrate on Chips for Tablet PCs, Not Smartphones

Graphics hardware maker AMD is not inclined to run the Smartphone race like rival Intel and plans to focus on the burgeoning tablet PC market.

According to PC World, Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager for AMD revealed that the Smartphone market does not allow the company to build on its strength, which is graphics.

The executive, speaking during the Pacific Crest Securities Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado claimed that Smartphones had a lot of constraints like battery life, pixels and screen space.

Instead, the company will be focusing on making graphics and chips for tablet PC devices. The company claimed that customers demanded better graphics and battery life, something which AMD can deliver.

“We haven't announced any plans to go in that handheld space. We've got plenty of opportunities... in server, notebook and now tablets, that's our immediate focus. But if the right circumstances come up and we can see a way to impact the market, we'll obviously continue to look,” he said.

AMD recently launched the Z-series chip for tablet PC devices, which using the x86 architecture, delivers PC like graphics and speeds to tablet devices. The Smartphone market has already got the likes of Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments and it seems that AMD's decision to enter the Tablet PC arena instead might just pay off!