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AMNews: BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Pre-order, Technology Propelled London Riots? Google+ Real-name Policy

Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Microsoft's cloud offering, suffered a nearly seven hour outage in Europe. The disruption in services it seems was in line Amazon EC2 cloud outage. Microsoft revealed that the connectivity issues were due to a massive power outage at its Dublin Data Centre. The outage started around 6:50 PM BST and lasted till 1:45 AM.

Vodafone is offering the BlackBerry 9900 Smartphone on pre-order and has announced that it will be shipping the newly released Smartphone from the 16th of August. The Smartphone will be available for free from £41 per month on a two year contract with 1200 any network minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB inclusive data allowance.

Larry Rosen, a prominent psychologist claimed in his report, dubbed “Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids”, that once a teen becomes addicted to Facebook there is a pretty high probability that the “addicted” kid will suffer from one or more psychological disorders such as antisocial behaviour, narcissism and other similar character flaws.

The real-name-policy adopted by Google prevents users from creating unidentified, pseudonymous user IDs. A Microsoft researcher, Dana Boyd, has criticised Google for this policy saying that such policies are not empowering and they are more or less authoritarian assertions of power over vulnerable people.

London was engulfed in one of the most violent and disturbing riots in the recent history of UK, properties were burnt, looted and many people got injured including a handful of policemen. The riot, it seems, was initially speculated to have sparked from spontaneous outrage of a section of the crowd against the police but, now it has been claimed that the riot was, in fact, orchestrated using Blackberry’s BBM messaging service.