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Blackberry Colt to Be RIM's First QNX Handset

The first RIM smartphone to use the QNX operating system instead of the company's signature Blackberry OS 7 operating system will be called the Blackberry Colt.

Currently, QNX, which the company acquired back in 2010 as a powerful real time operating system, is used only in its Blackberry Playbook tablet but the company promised that other products would follow suit.

Jonathan Geller from Mobile tech website BGR has learnt that the company is currently developing the OS for mobiles using a single core device rather than something a bit more recent.

The reason being, according to Geller, that RIM has had to adopt power-hungry technologies - like faster CPUs, dual core and bigger colour screens, well after the competition in order to keep its edge in the power consumption department.

It is therefore likely that the Colt will be powered at launch by a single core Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC at a time where Quad core models will have debuted.

In addition, RIM may not release a Blackberry Enterprise Server that natively supports QNX for some times meaning that Colt users may be forced to use Microsoft ActiveSync which - ironically - is supported out of the box.