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Electronics Giants Collaborate for Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative

Electronic giants have come together to develop and standardise the technology required to use 3D glasses with latest televisions that are high definition ready.

According to The Wall Street journal, leading consumer electronics manufacturers Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics Corporation, and Panasonic Corporation have signed an agreement with XpandD to develop and utilise one standard technology for 3D glasses titled, "Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative" to enable use of glasses with any latest 3D ready television.

In a hope to boost 3D across the globe, companies have come together to work out on a common 3D equipment that could be used universally. The manufacturers said the production of 3D glasses with the new standards will begin in early September and is expected to include technologies including infrared and radio-frequency communications.

“This initiative reinforces the consumer electronics industry's commitment to highest 3D quality and provides technology consumers and theatre-goers with a simple but powerful solution to the challenge of interoperability," chief executive of XpandD, Maria Costeira stated.

Costeira also added that the company is looking to develop and utilise both RF and IR technology with its new global partners and the launch date will be set for next year.