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Google Hotel Finder Feature Has Shortcomings

The brand new Hotel Finder service from Google is no doubt quite a handy tool when it comes to researching and booking your forthcoming holiday accomodation, but the product is reportedly suffering from some major deficiencies.

Google rolled out the offering last month in July as an “experiment”. Hotel Finder allows users to carry out extensive research on available hotels in a particular location, in addition to which, they can also book their stay at a chosen hotel from within the tool.

The feature obviously created a lot of hype amongst travel enthusiasts, and is believed to have become serious competition for established travel sites as well as Bing Travel, Kayak, and many other similar offerings.

However, various shortcomings have been noted by users; the feature is only available at present for hotels in the United States, another major flaw is that users can not search hotels by name, and many other things are also missing.

“Hotel list lacks transparency as it shows base rate, not total price. Rates from hotel websites often missing. Shape feature difficult to manipulate, 'Compared to typical' rate feature not particularly useful. Hotel photos are promotional and rarely show people,” Dennis Schaal of the USA Today wrote in his somewhat critical report.