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Google Unwittingly Announces Search App Update

Google Inc accidentally revealed details about a new update to its search engine in a blog post, which was removed shortly after having gone out.

Google announced the update for its search application for Android in a post on its Mobile Blog. The blog post, which was first revealed by Tech Crunch, mentioned new features of the search app for Android users which will bring a faster, smoother, more simplified experience to the Google search feature.

“The update will group suggestions by type, with the web suggestions appearing up top. Travelers, nomads, and peeps outside of the States will also get to see country-specific suggestions and search results as long as they’re in a country with a Google domain,” the report on Tech Crunch explained.

The update will bring a new look to the app by adding an improved and easier to use interface allowing users to check for recent suggestions or even to delete history items by holding down a long press.

Since the blog post was removed, after having apparently accidentally gone live, Google has not mentioned anything about the date for the release of this latest update for the Android Search app.

You can see a screen shot of the Google Search update announcement prior to it being removed, here.