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ICO Hammers Hampshire School Following Data Breach

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has criticised a school in Hampshire for not following proper password controls that resulted in a massive data breach on its website.

According to British daily, the Guardian, Bay House School, located in Hampshire has been condemned by the information authorities for not behaving in accordance with the Data Protection Act, following which personal details of around 20,000 people that also include a large number of school students were breached and compromised.

The ICO has revealed that the data attack, which took place in March this year, compromised relevant information like name, address, contact details, images along with other crucial information of around 7,600 students of the school. The incident was then reported to the authorities.

Investigation has revealed that the breach took place within the campus of the school and involves someone from the office staff.

“While it can be difficult to remember lots of different passwords, it is vitally important that individuals do not use the same password to log-in to data systems that are supposed to be kept secure.” chief of the investigating team, Sally Anne Poole stated.

Poole also added that the authorities are glad as the school has signed an undertaking to act upon securing school’s network and employ best medium to prevent any such incident in the future.