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iPad 2 And iPhone Smugglers Use Crossbow And Pulley System

Chinese police officials have arrested a group of six smugglers who were peddling Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices in a most ingenious way, having been inspired by a Batman movie.

According to a Chinese news report posted on YouTube, the smugglers in Hong Kong used a crossbow to fire a rope attached to the arrow across the Shatoujiao River to a building in Shenzhen, a distance of approximately 300 meters.

They then sent Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices in bags from Hong Kong to mainland China using a pulley system. Unfortunately for the innovative fellows, the smugglers were caught by police after a tip-off.

The smugglers were trying to avoid the 20 per cent border tax that they would normally have to pay if they took the devices into mainland China the legal way.

The police officials recovered 50 iPhones and 50 iPads from the arrested smugglers, which have a combined value of around $47,000.

Apple products have a roaring black market in Asian markets. People who don’t have the means to buy an iPad legally, turn to other channels to purchase the device. Back in December, authorities had arrested 14 Chinese women trying to smuggle 88 iPads and 340 mobile phones into mainland China.