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ITC Initiates Review of Apple’s Latest Suit Against HTC

The US International Trade Commission has decided to start investigating Apple’s complaint against Taiwanese Smartphone maker HTC.

The new ITC investigation is related to a second complaint filed by the iPhone maker against HTC, claiming that certain HTC Android devices and the Flyer tablet PC device violates its patent.

The organisation, which has the power to ban companies from importing products to the US, has already ruled that HTC is violating two of the ten patents cited by Apple in the first complaint.

“The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has voted to institute an investigation of certain portable electronic devices and related software. The products at issue in this investigation are hardware and software used in a variety of portable electronic devices, including mobile communication equipment,” the USITC said in a press release.

The trade agency has named HTC Corp. of China, HTC America and Exedea as the respondents in the investigation.

Experts believe that the lawsuit on Android could have adverse consequences for the platform, as device makers will move to rival platform in order to avoid hefty licensing fees. HTC already pays around $5 to Microsoft for every Android device it sells.