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Kid Lectures Hackers on Game Flaws at DefCon

A ten year old girl has left behind security researchers and hackers as she went on to explain existing loopholes in mobile games at DefCon conference held in Las Vegas this week.

According to the BBC, CyFi, the ten year old child impressed everyone present at the DefCon hacker conference when she revealed how advancing time clock on mobile phones as well as tablet computers can open the device to flaws in the gaming platforms which could result in fatal incidents, if exploited.

“The world of apps has obvious not thought about security, yet. Here is an import lesson they can learn from a Girl Scout. I'll show a new class of vulnerabilities I call TimeTraveler.” CyFi, the girl who did not reveal her real identity stated while addressing the kids section of the conference.

The tech genius revealed that she came through the loopholes while she was bored of the slow progress in mobile games industry and decided to see for herself if she could find advance levels herself by indulging in little tweaks with the operating system.

The revelation by CyFi has been verified by various security researcher groups and individuals. The verifications have revealed that the clock time loophole is present with both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.