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Late News: MobileMe Users Get 25GB Storage on iCloud, Spotify Registers 1.4 Million US Users, AnonPlus Defaced

iPhone maker Apple is offering 25 GB of storage to MobileMe customers who will be migrating to the newer iCloud storage and streaming service. Ever since Apple had announced iCloud, many were wondering about the fate of MobileMe customers who have already paid $100 for a year’s subscription.

Spotify has had a successful launch in the United States, with the popular music streaming service acquiring 1.4 million customers for its free service in the first month. The service is still available in limited beta avatar in the US and is not available to the general public. Industry experts expect Spotify to continue growing in the US market after it goes public with its service.

Authorities have decided in favour of telecom British giant BT as the new ruling allows BT to charge higher rate for connecting calls for numbers termed as non-geographic. The ruling is expected to fetch BT millions of pounds once the details are reviewed and a demand is finalized by the company. The petition was filed by telecom regulatory agency OfCom against BT on behalf of network carrier firms back in 2009.

Computer games developer Electronic Arts (EA) has revealed that the company will not release Battlefield 3 on Steam. After a long pause from either side on the matter, EA has announced that its highly anticipated hard core computer game Battlefield 3 will not be made available to game lovers via Steam. Interestingly, this time the statement has been accompanied by reasons for the feud between the two firms.

A group of Syrian hackers has retaliated against Anonymous for hacking and defacing Syria’s Ministry of Defence website. “In response to your hacking to the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence, the Syrian people have decided to purify the internet of [y]our pathetic website,” the Syrian hackers said in a message posted on the defaced AnonPlus website.