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Microsoft Bing’s Search Engine Share in UK Increases

Software giant Microsoft’s Bing search engine increased its market share in the UK in July even as Google continues its domination.

According to new data provided by internet research company Experian Hitwise, search engines powered by Microsoft, particularly the Bing search engine increased their market share by 0.96 percent in the month of July, accounting for 3.84 percent of the UK search market.

The data also revealed that July also saw a year-on-year increase of 0.67 percent for Microsoft. Microsoft also overtook Yahoo has the second most popular search engine in the UK, after it moved to the third position in July.

Meanwhile, search engine Google’s share in the UK search market fell by 0.98 percent in July and by 0.56 percent on a year-on-year basis. However, even if Microsoft continues to rise up in ladder, it will be a while before it catches up with Google, which had a 91.04 percent share in the UK search market.

Microsoft, according to some executives, is not looking to become another Google but hopes to offer decision making searches to the user. The company has already been praised for its Bing background images and slick user interface, something which prompted Google to do the same.