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Noon News: DefCon Sees Kid Schooling Experts, Apple Invites Lawsuit over Fast Boot, Windows Phone 7 Market Share

At the DefCon conference, a 10 year old girl has left behind security researchers and hackers as she explained existing loopholes in mobile games. The tech genius revealed that she came across the bugs while she was busy trying to get rid of her boredom by indulging in little tweaks with the operating system.

Yet another lawsuit has been inflicted onto Apple because of the alleged patented technology it has been using to speed up the boot process of its newly released Mac OS X Lion operating systems. The patent in question, RE40,092, titled "Method for Quickly Booting a Computer System." was originally granted to LG Electronics in the year 2002.

Microsoft gaming division’s ex-head, Shane Kim, has been recruited by game developing company, Zipline Games as a member of its board of directors. Shane has been taken on-board by Zipline as an advisory on how to expand company’s gaming platform and technology tie ups with other tech giants.

The Windows Phone 7 platform is doing nothing to prevent Microsoft from falling further behind in the Smartphone market even as Apple and Android continue to make rapid advances. According to recent data released by market research firm comScore, Microsoft’s share in the Smartphone market during the last quarter fell to 5.8 percent.