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One in Every 35 Internet Visits from UK Land on YouTube

A new report has revealed that 1 out of every thirty-five Internet visitors in the UK now goes to YouTube.

The report, which was the final outcome of Experian Hitwise’s latest Search Engine and Social Analysis, also claims that near about 22.54 percent of all visitors to social networks were primarily driven by the video sharing site. The figure also happens to be the highest ever market share registered by the website in the country’s social networking landscape.

“One in 20 visits to YouTube now comes from a mobile device used on a home WiFi network, and that doesn’t take into account the millions of videos watched each month using the 3G networks,” said Robin Goad, Research Director of Experian Hitwise.

“We already know that mobile is the next digital frontier, and YouTube is a great example of a brand that is already reaping the rewards of attracting a strong affinity with smartphone and tablet users,” it added.

The report placed Facebook at the top of the “most popular social network by UK Internet visits” list for the month of July with near about 50.14% market share. Facebook was followed by YouTube and Twitter with market share of 22.54% and 3.49% respectively.